I Admit It, I’m a Hypocrite!

For a while, I have expressed my desire for reducing light pollution and creating better dark-sky viewing in busy cities. However, I have a confession to make.

My back patio light is a very UN-friendly dark-sky light. There are two main reasons why my particular light is dark-sky un-friendly:

This is the light-polluting light fixture

1) Non-directional: it is a clear lantern-style light, which projects lights in all directions, including up!
2) No shielding: good dark-sky lights should be shielded from the side, to reduce glare from a distance

In this video, I will reiterate why my back patio light is dark-sky is unfriendly, as well as figure out and implement a solution to reduce light pollution. I look forward to the day when we can, once again, see the Milky Way in the city.

That’s right, I’m tackling light pollution, one light fixture at a time! Thanks for watching!